Absorb happiness with all five senses.

Yakushima Island is home to Jomon Sugi (giant cedar trees from the Jomon era), the Okudake mountain range, and large populations of monkey and deer. 
In 1993, the island was registered as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, but long before that, the islanders lived harmoniously with nature, utilizing time-honored wisdom acquired in lush forests to conserve satoyama ? natural woodlands providing vital resources. 
The islanders’ traditional way of life caught the world’s attention again at the 10th Convention on Biological Diversity (COP10) in 2010, when delegates praised it as a coexistence of humans and nature conserving natural ecosystems. Much international support has been given to the Satoyama Initiative put forward at the conference, which encourages us all to tap into the wisdom gained from sustainable resource-use practiced in satoyama- like places all over the world, in order to conserve the natural environment.
In this spirit, Symphony Farm Yakushima Senvus Village was created in a satoyama setting 180m above sea level with the aim of promoting the conservation of Yakushima’s natural environment, and ensuring that the long-practiced symbiotic relationship between humans and nature on the island continues. Visitors find that the village is a “feel-good space,” where the coexistence of humans, and of humans and nature, deliver a sense of ‘senvus’ (Latin for “a tangible sense of living”), giving you a fuller experience of happiness.

We are open on weekends between 10 am and 5 pm.

During the week, we open upon request from group visitors or for special events, provided reservation is made three or more days in advance.

Please note that we may be closed without prior notice due to weather conditions or plant protection needs. You are advised to check our website for latest closure information before visiting.



Yakushima residents:Half Price

Please direct inquiries to

Symphony Farm Yakushima SENVUS Village
Koshima 69-71, Yakushimacho, Kumage County,Kagoshima Prefecture

    TEL:0120-50-1083 (10:00 - 17:00)

Village map

  • センバスハウス(香りのミュージアム・香りカフェ)
  • 香りの庭
  • 苔の古道
  • ヤクシマシャクナゲ
  • ギョボクとブッソウゲ
  • 香木の畑
  • ミカン畑の森林浴広場
  • 大岩
  • 古代米・縄文水田
  • 屋久島固有種の径
  • 香りの水車(2F スタジオ)

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