Volunteers from two years ago

Two years ago, we received Anna Carolin from Germany, and Karin from United States as volunteers at Yakushima Senvus Village. 


They helped us with various tasks around the farm, such us harvesting tankan (a citrus fruit), maintaining the herbs at the Scent Garden and cleaning the Scent Caffe. They also spent time with students of Yakushima Ohzora High School, taking part of "Team building" activities and visiting the island through "Outdoor Activities" while having easy conversations in English. 
ふたりは、タンカン (柑橘類) の収穫、「香りの庭」でのハーブの手入れ、「香りカフェ」の掃除など、農園のいろいろな作業を手伝ってくれました。また、「屋久島おおぞら高等学校」の生徒たちと一緒に、「チームビルディング」に参加したり、「アウトドア活動」で島内を回ったりしながら、簡単な英語で会話をしてくれました。

 karin annecarolin (1).jpg

Thank you, Karin and Anna Carolin!  
We hope you are both doing well back in your countries, and that you keep fond memories of Yakushima. ^^ 

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