Every year in Yakushima, the 7th of January a New Year event called "Onibitaki" is held. 


It can change according to the village, but one example is that for this event, a bamboo tower is built, and the face of an ogre (Oni) drawn by children is hang on the top. New Year's decorations, shimenawa (sacred straw rope) and amulets are gathered, and children who have been born on the year of the same animal as the new year in the Chinese Zodiac (2021 is the year of the Ox), lit the fire and with a bow and arrow made of bamboo shoot at the ogre, thus chasing the ogre away and praying for the safety and health of their family. 

This tradition is meant to chase away evil, purify oneself with fire and bring a new fire to the household. 
We hope this is a good year for all. ^^
今年も良い年になりますように~ ^^

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