Wilson's Stump

One of the most famous touristic spots in Yakushima is the Wilson's Stump, a stump of yakusugi (cedar tree from Yakushima) so big, that if it had not been cut, it could have become one of the largest trees not only in Yakushima, but also in Japan. 


It is believed that this cedar tree was cut down by order of Toyotomi Hideyoshi in the latter half of the 16th century. And about 100 years ago, it was rediscovered by botanist Ernest Henry Wilson, after who was named.  

The hollow stump is big enough for people to go inside, where you will find a small shrine and spring water flowing out. 


It's a famous power spot for improving love relationships in Yakushima, because of the beautiful heart-shaped sky you can appreciate by looking up from inside. 

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