Great orange tip butterfly's caterpillar

In Yakushima Senvus Village, we help with the reproduction of the Great orange tip butterfly by planting "Gyoboku" tree, where they lay their eggs, and "Bussouge" tree, from which they feed. 


While walking through the Gyoboku tree plantation, pay attention to its leaves and you might be able to find the green caterpillar that will eventually turn into the Great orange tip butterfly. 


To scare predators and protect itself, this small caterpillar disguise itself as a vine snake and when disturbed, it raises half of its body as it were a snake ready to attack. 

tsubamenicho .png

We hope it stays safe and it can turn into a beautiful butterfly soon ~ ^^ 
間もなく美しい蝶に変わるまで、無事に過ごせますように~ ^^

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