Waterfalls of Yakushima

The Senpiro Waterfall (Senpiro-no-taki) is almost 10km east from Yakushima Senvus Village. It falls into a massive granite valley from approximately 60 meters high. Sometimes, in the mist formed by the crash of the water, you can see a rainbow.   
「千尋の滝」は、屋久島センバスビレッジから東へ10キロほどのところにあります。約60 メートルの高さから巨大な花崗岩の谷に流れ落ちます。水しぶきの霧の中に、虹が見えることもあります。


The Ohko Waterfall (Ohko-no-taki) can be found around 20km west from Yakushima Senvus Village. 
It's an 88 meters high waterfall, ranked among the Top 100 Best Waterfalls of Japan. 
屋久島センバスビレッジから西へ約20 キロの場所には、「大川の滝」があります。
「日本の滝100選」にも選ばれている、高さ88 メートルの滝です。


While we can only enjoy Senpiro Waterfall from an observation deck far away, we can get close to the base of the Ohko Waterfall and feel the mist produced by the crash of the water. 

They are especially impressive if you see them during or after rainy days, when the water-flow grows.

By visiting these two imposing spots, you can feel the power of nature.

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