Yakusugi Land

Yakusugi Land is a nature park located around 30km from Yakushima Senvus Village, and is one of the most accessible places to admire the Yakusugi, Yakushima's ancient cedar trees. 
『ヤクスギランド』は、屋久島センバスビレッジから約30キロメートルのところにある自然公園で、 屋久杉を鑑賞するには最もアクセスしやすい場所の1つです。


Following different paths around the forest, you will find over 1000 years old cedar trees, such as the Buddhasugi, the Sennensugi and the Kigensugi. And you can also find large specimens of fir and Japanese hemlock. 

Buddha Sugi - 仏陀杉

During the "Outdoor class", students of Yakushima Ohzora High School and volunteers visit Yakusugi Land, where they can connect with nature and feel the importance of preserving it. 

Kuguritsuga (Japanese hemlock) - くぐり栂(ツガ

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