Yakushima is famous for its ancient cedar trees, of which some are several millennia old. 
Although far from a thousand years old, some trees cultivated at Yakushima Senvus  Village, called "Jinko Ju", will become the "Koboku" over a long period of time.
It has been used as incense and perfume for centuries.
Indeed, some of the oldest written texts in the world mention "Koboku" as a fragrant product!
"Jinko Ju" is also mentioned in the second oldest historic text of Japan, the "Nihon shoki", from the 6th century. 
This tree is now protected by the Washington Convention.
At Yakushima Senvus Village, we received seedlings from "Jinko Ju" that were grown at a university, and we are the only one in Japan that grows them in nature.
"Jinko Ju" has a long history, and we hope it can also last for a long time in the future.



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